Wow, while Dana was in surgery to repair her thumb (horse accident), Eric discovered the first egg laid by the new Chanticler chickens. And then when Dana came home, she discovered the 2nd egg…now watch out as our 50 hens really start laying….Chanticlers, originally from Canada, lay eggs through the winter !!!  Approximately, 270 eggs per year per hen….YES! Finally, the hens will starting paying for all their feed…

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Pozo Organic Farm at Tuesday Farmer’s Market at Grange in SLO

The Tuesday market is really growing…adding new farmers and lots of regular customers…Dana is selling for the farm and has lots of veggies, heirloom tomatoes, eggs and whole processed chickens.
Right now great stuff—tomatoes, basil, red beets, purple cherokee tomatoes, all kinds of summer squash, bell peppers and more

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Whole Chicken For Sale

There’s nothing like the taste of a fully mature Heritage chicken. Raised for 4-5 months and able to acquire the taste of a chicken—not one of those blow-up 6 week old, obese, taste-less hybrid chickens you can buy at most retail stores. Our chickens are free-range, but more importantly, are raised and allowed to grow naturally—not hyped up on steroids or antibiotics to keep the unnatural chicken alive and growing.

We’ve found that our heritage chickens don’t carry as much meat on there carcass, but the flavor is much better than the mush chicken to normally see in the stores.  Give one a try—we’re at the Tuesday afternoon Farmer’s Market at the Grange on Broad Street in San Luis Obispo….Farm–(805) 438-4609

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Negranti Diary adds Blackberries

Wow! Negranti Dairy which makes the best sheep milk ice cream is now using our blackberries in a new ice cream which is quickly becoming a best seller. Alexis, the ice cream maker, uses our organic Kiowa blackberries and adds vanilla beans and rosemary to make the best ice cream Dana has eaten.

Alexis was just named the Farmer of the Year by the Cal Poly Sustainable Ag program at the recent Hearst Ranch Cal Poly annual event.  It really is an honor for our berries to be included in the Negranti Ice Cream. You can buy it at the Thursday night Farmer’s Market in Downtown SLO…..

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Blogging is a new one for me

I posted a message from another email, but I really need to post from the farm. That way readers will know we are actually writing the stuff.  Well, I’m having fun with the new chicks, that’s for darn sure.  But, besides the chicks we have lots of other things to do—watering, weedings, getting new fields ready to plant.  We are so behind right now on planting. WE didn’t have a late Spring frost this year which is good, but I don’t want to get spoiled…but, I planted tomatoes, potatoes and watermelons hoping the frost wouldn’t hit us this year and we got lucky. I’m tying up the tomatoes on the 2nd layer of twine…they are growing fast with the heat we’ve had and even are showing lots of blossoms.

Unfortunately, our fruit trees didn’t do so well this Spring—they blossomed early and we did have an April frost that nailed them. And I need to add a few apple trees as pollinators as my apple bloom was later, but just aren’t hanging on the trees—sure signs of lack of cross-fertilization and also some nutrients lacking in the soil. I’ll have to check on that one.

Tonight—Greenhorns, the Movie at the SLO Grange.  Made some great Kale/Onion frittatas…using farm eggs and veggies….see ya there.


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The Chantecler chicks have arrived!

Our second batch of Heritage Chickens, called Chanteclers have arrived.  The first group was hatched on April 15th in North Carolina and arrived in Pozo on April 17th.  The second smaller group was hatched in South Dakota on May 6th and made it here on May 9th.  These birds will be the foundation of our breeding /egg/meat flock.

Our garage has been converted into a brooder for all of the birds.  The first group is taking up most of the space in their cage which includes a 4 ft x 4ft “hoover”  The second group is in a much smaller box.  The birds will be moved into the field in a few weeks.

Each breeding group will be inside an electric fence with a hen house.    Not only will they fertilize the soil around our orchard, berries and grapes but they will be excellent insect control too.


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Pictures of Chantecler chicks

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The Dirt is Here!

Pozo Organic Farm now has a blog – The Pozo Dirt.  Check back here to see what Eric and Dana are up to out in Pozo.

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