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Blogging is a new one for me

Posted by on 2012-May-29

I posted a message from another email, but I really need to post from the farm. That way readers will know we are actually writing the stuff.  Well, I’m having fun with the new chicks, that’s for darn sure.  But, besides the chicks we have lots of other things to do—watering, weedings, getting new fields ready to plant.  We are so behind right now on planting. WE didn’t have a late Spring frost this year which is good, but I don’t want to get spoiled…but, I planted tomatoes, potatoes and watermelons hoping the frost wouldn’t hit us this year and we got lucky. I’m tying up the tomatoes on the 2nd layer of twine…they are growing fast with the heat we’ve had and even are showing lots of blossoms.

Unfortunately, our fruit trees didn’t do so well this Spring—they blossomed early and we did have an April frost that nailed them. And I need to add a few apple trees as pollinators as my apple bloom was later, but just aren’t hanging on the trees—sure signs of lack of cross-fertilization and also some nutrients lacking in the soil. I’ll have to check on that one.

Tonight—Greenhorns, the Movie at the SLO Grange.  Made some great Kale/Onion frittatas…using farm eggs and veggies….see ya there.


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