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The Chantecler chicks have arrived!

Posted by on 2012-May-09

Our second batch of Heritage Chickens, called Chanteclers have arrived.  The first group was hatched on April 15th in North Carolina and arrived in Pozo on April 17th.  The second smaller group was hatched in South Dakota on May 6th and made it here on May 9th.  These birds will be the foundation of our breeding /egg/meat flock.

Our garage has been converted into a brooder for all of the birds.  The first group is taking up most of the space in their cage which includes a 4 ft x 4ft “hoover”  The second group is in a much smaller box.  The birds will be moved into the field in a few weeks.

Each breeding group will be inside an electric fence with a hen house.    Not only will they fertilize the soil around our orchard, berries and grapes but they will be excellent insect control too.


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