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Dana Tryde, former owner of Clark Valley Farm Horseboarding, has retired her business and is setting off on a new venture. After years of raising backyard chickens for eggs she has joined the Henhouse Coaching Network and will be selling Chantecler Chickens and eggs next spring. Please follow this link to learn what a Heritage Chicken is The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy is a great place to learn about Heritage Chickens. The International Center for Poultry has information about the Henhouse Coaching Network.

The Henhouse Coaching Network supports indigenous poultry farmers who are committed to sustainable farming with standard bred poultry. Dana is purchasing a standard bred flock of Chantecler Chickens in March 2012.

Eric and Dana will use the chickens in rotational grazing. After harvesting crops they will allow the chickens access to the field where they can eat bugs, weeds, and grasses. Along with chicken manure which builds soil fertility the chickens will provide Pozo Organic Farm with meat and eggs. Dana is committed to networking with other farmers and, as a member of the HHC Network, she is committed to the welfare standards of the birds under her care.